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The videos offer multiple possibilities and benefits to promote a brand or business. Internet users now demand more information about products and services, so it is necessary for us to show you through videos the advantages that make it different.

If we consider the We Are Social study on social networks and internet 2016, which shows that more than 3.4 billion people have access to the internet and of these, about 2.3 billion, around 67%, regularly use social networks, shows us the marked trend towards what is the digital information. This is where we can see that the videos offer new opportunities to promote a brand or product, establishing new channels of communication with customers.

The video is more like certain audiences. According to Forbes Video in the C-Suite, 75% of executives watch videos related to their activity at least once a week and 65% have visited a provider's website after viewing their corporate video.

Most marketers agree that video is the type of content with the best return on advertising spend.

Customers get a sense of truthfulness. They are seeing with their own eyes and with greater possibilities to appreciate the benefits of a product or service, and thus decide if it is what they need. Directly you can get much more complete and enjoyable information than can be obtained through a text or a photo.

Users retain 95% of what they see on video, while retaining only 10% of what they read in text, as revealed by the analysis performed by attwooddigital.

An Online Publishers Association report indicates that 80% of Internet users remember seeing a particular video ad in the last 30 days. 60% watch a video before reading the text of a website. This implies that video is a powerful promotional tool that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

80% of Internet users prefer to click on a video before on another type of link. Web pages that offer a welcome on video generate a greater sense of closeness in the user than those other pages where only text or advertising is offered. People give online video more credibility and trust.

Nowadays it is possible to produce high-quality audiovisual material with less investment, obtaining extraordinary results. Undoubtedly, we must consider the videos within our digital marketing strategy.

Written by: Alberto Boscari - Director
Translation: Elio Rojas