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Brands or companies that wish to have a more effective internet presence can not be content with an informative web page. Nowadays, electronic commerce has revealed itself as a great way of business with ample possibilities.

With the breadth of information we can obtain through the internet, consumers have become accustomed to the ease and effectiveness of buying on the web, in the first instance, to search the product or service on the Internet, and that the buyer Get the item from the comfort of your home.

There are innumerable cases of success in the area of e-commerce that demonstrate the effectiveness that can be achieved with a good online store. E-commerce has become a tool with great success for the business world thanks to the openness and ease of access granted by the wide Internet network.

Virtual businesses have shown us that they allow the expansion of the market to a global level, easily crossing borders.

Advantages of e-commerce:
-Creation of business opportunities and new ways of showing and distributing products and services.
-Access to customers of any geographical area without limitation as to the opening and expansion in new markets.
-Increased competitiveness and quality of service.
-Rapid response to the needs of consumers and shorter delivery chains, which can lead to a reduction in the final price of the products.

The traditional buying process, which involves travel and the need for time, does not adapt to the current rhythm of life. Today's customers are looking for a simple shopping process that can be done as quickly as possible.

The consumer likes to compare between the different product alternatives and their prices, informing themselves in addition to the opinions of other users before making the purchase, online commerce becomes a favorable means for the acquisition of goods and services for the new trends.

Although some customers still prefer to make purchases directly in a physical store. However, most people like to check a catalog of options, prices and opinions of other customers online before going out to make their purchase.

With the advancement of information and communication technologies, our daily life is developed connected to a digital world, so that the online presence of any business and its products is essential.

Written by: Alberto Boscari - Director
Translation: Elio Rojas