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As we have seen the Internet has become in recent years a mass communication tool in which we can virtually get any information. But one of the phenomena of growth within this virtual network are social networks, which have had a spectacular growth if we compare them with the evolution of other media that could be classified as traditional.

We have the case of Facebook, which in 12 years has exceeded 1.8 billion users. There is the YouTube channel that was founded about 11 years ago and has more than 1 billion users. We can also mention Twitter with around 10 years of founded with more than 300 million users and processes about 305 million tweets per day, and lastly, we mention Instagram that with only 6 years of foundation has more than 500 million Of users, this to name the most important in this gigantic virtual world in which there are many other social networks that also have a significant number of users.

Many of these social networks began with content that was created by the audience itself and grouped together in a common interest, sharing messages, ideas and opinions. Little by little social networks evolved, creating spaces and tools for business purposes.

From what we have said before, we consider that marketing in social networks is an important tool to raise the audience of a brand or business, and convert an immensity of Internet users to potential customers. Relevant content designed for your audience is key to increasing the presence of your brand within digital media.

In the article by Alberto Iglesias Fraga: Mobiles and social networks will be the axes of modern marketing, published in the portal, precisely refers to new trends ...
... Mobile marketing will be another of the strategies that will increase budget growth, from the current 5.9% to 14.6% in the next three years.

In recent years marketing in social networks has become an essential tool for the promotion of products and services. Cases such as the launch of Instagram Shopping, denote the new features that social networks will choose to integrate into the online market.

Written by: Alberto Boscari – Director
Translation: Elio Rojas