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Professional website for Erika Boscari, psychotherapist of recognized trajectory in the field of spiritual response therapy (TRE), fluvial constellations, systemic psychotherapy and energy leveling. It also offers advice and support in matters related to health, well-being and harmonization of spaces.

The project for Erika Boscari was developed under a fresh and minimalist scheme, with extensive cover pictures including thoughts related to the therapeutic profession. It is a simple and dynamic page that allows access to any section with a single click. It was developed completely according to the needs of the client, resulting in a design that pays special attention to navigability, showing at the same time and in a pleasant way the thought of the therapist and his way of seeing things.

The page has a simple structure organized into sections and categories, as well as a friendly content manager that allows the customer to upload their articles quickly and with very few editing steps.
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