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In this section we offer some answers to the most frequent queries that have been made to us. We often renew our database with answers to the new questions that we ask and those that are generated by the extension of our services.

If you have a question that we have not answered in this section, please use the following link, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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Questions related to our services

Absolutely not, we will not charge you any additional expenses or automatic card without your previous agreement, we trust our customers.

Yes, all the information you provide is not discussed with third parties Or other customers, the passwords of your accounts will be stored on our encrypted servers to prevent it from falling into the hands of unauthorized people. We do not store any information regarding the payment as these are made through the protected platforms of Paypal.

Yes, our cancellation policies allow you to cancel the contracted services at any time, with only a prior notice. The only services that can not be canceled at any time are Website Hosting & Resources, which contain a previous contract (usually annual).

The progress reports will be sent before the cut-off day, That is once a month, in addition we in the report create a section of suggestions according to the results for our clients that they will have to consider in order to optimize the results.

30 days after the first payment of the services contracted the client must pay the monthly amount previously discussed, after 3 days will be sent an email notification that their payment is due, Wise Pro Solutions will reserve the right to cancel any service Acquired after 5 days of delay until the payment is completed.

Our main method of payment is Paypal because it is a safe platform for both our customers and us.

Customer Support Questions

The company is currently registered in the state of Florida-USA. The headquarters ar located in Caracas-Venezuela, so we can offer you a professional service at an unbeatable price.

Administrative Offices: 6:00 AM CST until 4:00 PM CST Monday through Friday
Pro Package Support: 5:00 AM CST through 5:00 PM CST Monday through Saturday
Ultimate Package Support: 5:00 AM CST through 5:00 PM CST Monday through Sunday
Premium Hosting Support: Engineers support available 24Hrs (24x7)

Our work is guarantee by our client satisfaction, that’s why we have the 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee Policy. Our client can cancel the contracted service before 30 days from the beginning and they get their money back.