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Ultimate Package

This package is the top of the line of Wise Pro Solutions putting exclusive services to boost your company to another level.

Is used by companies with a track record that wish to give a boost leaving their digital image in the hands of professionals who do with excellence and dedication their work to achieve the best results.

Our Ultimate Package is our great plan and is designed to increase the digital presence of your brand and keep relationships with your active customers, covering practically all aspects necessary for a digital presence of excellence. This management also helps to create new relationships with prospective clients.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy All our monthly packages include a personalized strategy created from information collected from our client so as to know which the best route is and what is really needed.
Analyze the Objective and set goals (Let’s Discuss Your Needs).
Establish the strategy to follow (Analyze your goals and possibilities before start).
Establish indicators to measure results (We set the expected goals for the period).
Measurement and continuous monitoring (Constantly analyzing the development of the strategy).
Research and strategy planning in just one week (In less than a week we investigate and act).
We are convinced that with a great product, we will connect you with potential customers.
The essence of our work is based on guaranteeing the return of investment of our clients.

Graphic Designs

Graphic & Publicity design In the Ultimate Package you will have 25 custom images per month that will be worked by our graphic designers either to expose your brand, make known your products and services or use them for social networks.
Attractive and original content (We have specialists to create original pieces).
Custom Content Creation (up to 25 images per month).
Additional Graphic Designs on demand (tell us what you need and we develop). Get A Custom Graphic Quote.
Using the graphic choices of imagery we can help you to show those benefits to your costumers and possible clients.
We focus the graphic design towards a target of possible clients.
Creating high quality advertising where you, your company or brand will feel a direct boost.
Our Goal is to create the Best Publicity focusing on your potential target.

Social Networks Management

Social Network Management This package will allow you to choose up to 5 social networks to be managed and driven in the most efficient way by Wise Pro Solutions publishing services, products or relevant graphic material to attract the desired target already studied.
We help you reach new customers by creating personalized, high quality content based on the target audience. We also publish news related to your activity achieving an updated interaction on the industry trends related to your products.
We help you interact with your potential customers on social networks.
Two daily publications from Monday to Sunday (up to 60 monthly posts).
Real and relevant followers and likes (Let your real customers drive your brand).
Effective advertising for more sales today (boost your brand or product without borders).
We guarantee our clients that we will make the wisest decisions to take advantage of their budget.

Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Advertising Services The Ads promote service aimed at speeding up traffic on social networks and capturing new leads faster. Connecting your products and services with thousands of people who may be interested in them.
We are at your disposal to manage the promote Ads accounts. We use advanced technology as well as tools and strategies to achieve the best price-value results.
You named it, we have experience of all type of advertising services thru the social networks. Not getting just results, instead we go beyond getting the best advertising possible to reach as many clients as we can.
When it is necessary to carry out more aggressive campaigns, our team will inform you about the possible options and the procedure to follow.
Only our Ultimate package give you this type of services without administrative cost.

Website Management

Website Management We manage up to 4 web pages. Keeping your image flawless on the web and placing it in the right direction to make your best business card stand out from the crowd.
We fully personalize the website management thinking about your needs we can manage all types of web pages, putting in or out items, maintain it up to date with news or created content. your web pages will be on good hands.
Webs that are not yours but you have items selling on them or if is an important part of your business you can count with us because we can help you. We take care of the maintenance of those pages for you.
Our Website Management service can also include the maintenance of aspects related to the structure, sections and categories of the website, as well as the updates of its components and plugins.
The service can also includes the necessary tasks of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Services We include free storage up to 4 web pages with servers all over the world and personalized attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee that the services will be excellent and of high quality.
We have a new concept of Unlimited Web hosting. Unlimited Data Storage and Data Transfer. In addition, we have all the necessary complements for your website: Domain names at low prices, SSL certificates and WHOIS Protection.
We have created our own custom-built shared website hosting platform based on the latest topflight technologies. Having each service (DNSs, e-mails, databases, web applications, etc.) handled by a separate physical server, your site content will operate in the cloud and will be completely shielded from unexpected network outages and service disturbances.
We now have Data Centers in the United States, in Europe and in Australia. See more about our Data Centers.
If you need more power, See the specialized hosting services section.

Video Production

Video Production Editing With the Ultimate Package we will give you a high quality material. A video recorded with drones and intelligent cameras to make an impact on your clients and the possibility of showing your brand, product or business to potential customers.
Did You know the impact of videos in the social networks is 1000%+ stronger than simple images or text? Videos are an influencer in all social networks boosting your pages 40% more. Not every video will have the results that you are looking for. Before we film it we study the preferred target and what’s the client needs and we part from there creating the best video possible to boost your product, business or brand.
It is possible to personalize your package if you would like to obtain more videos frequently and keep boosting your product or business each month. If you want to learn more go to Low Cost Video Productions.
The videos allow you to show in a pleasant way the details that differentiate you from the competition.

Support (Monday through Sunday)

Our Ultimate Package services are provided Customer Service Support Monday through Sunday. The Customer Service is our main strength, you can get in touch with our great team of support engineers available 24-7-365 and eager to assist you with any problem related to the hosting services of the Data Center. Each trouble ticket you submit will be replied to in less than 60 minutes. The average support ticket time is just 20 minutes, so you will not have to wait a long time to get your answered. Go to the hosting support.
The support related to other topics is done by e-mail:
◌ Service Support


The first week of the contract is for research and strategy planning.
Up to 60 total posts per month in all social networks (25 custom graphic and 35 posts of their products, offers or related news prepared by your company or from third parties).
No Long-term Contracts (Our monthly results guarantee continuity)
Contracts with automatic renewal (payments must be made the first five days of each month).
All our work is guaranteed, we offer very satisfactory results in all our services.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee. To see more go to Money Back Terms & Conditions.

Custom pricing on request, you can get exactly what you need.